EQTC 2021 – EU Quantum Flagship Virtual Conference

The annual conference of the EU Quantum Flagship programme, European Quantum Technologies Conference (EQTC) 2021, will be held virtually 29 November – 2 December 2021. We invite you to contribute to the EQTC 2021 programme through a number of options.

Call for submissions


  • Scientific and Technical presentations at parallel sessions
  • Poster presentations
  • Presentations by SMEs and Start-ups on Success Stories
  • Workshop/tutorial sessions

Please visit www.eqtc.org for further information.

EQTC 2021 will provide full coverage of the most prominent and recent advances in European and International quantum technology activities across a wide range of topics including basic sciences, communication, computing, simulation and sensing/metrology, infrastructure development and education & training.

 Key dates

  • Conference
    • 29th November to 2nd December, 2021
  • All submissions open
    • Monday, 3rd May 2021
  • Abstracts for presentations (talks and posters)
    • Deadline for submission: Monday, 21st June 2021 (Anywhere on Earth)
    • Notification of acceptance: Monday, 2nd August 2021
  • Proposals for workshop/tutorial sessions
    • Deadline for submission: Monday, 21st June 2021 (Anywhere on Earth)
    • Notification of acceptance: Monday, 2nd August 2021
  • Registrations
    • Open: Monday, 3rd May 2021
    • Deadline for workshop organisers and presenters (talks and posters): Monday, 16th August 2021 (Anywhere on Earth)
    • Deadline for early-bird academics: Monday, 27th September 2021 (Anywhere on Earth)

EQTC 2021 is a forum to highlight the state-of-the-art in quantum technologies both in Europe and from around the world, and will provide networking opportunities for the European and International academic and industrial quantum technologies communities.

Please visit www.eqtc.org for further information on EQTC 2021.


One-year secondment : Developer in GNSS time/frequency transfer

The BIPM (International Bureau of Weights and Measures) invites applications for a one-year secondee position in the Time Department, for developments in the field of GNSS time/frequency transfer with PPP and IPPP. The position may be extended to a second year.

Applications should be sent by 20 June 2021.

See more information on duties, employment conditions of such a secondee position, expected qualifications and experience, as well as on the application process in the announcement “One-year secondment – Developer in GNSS time/frequency transfer” at https://www.bipm.org/en/opportunities .

The BIPM is located at the Pavillon de Breteuil, Sevres, France, situated in the outskirts of Paris. The Time Department computes and disseminates the international reference time scale Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and provides traceability to the international system of units (SI) to local realizations of UTC maintained in national institutes. Further information about the BIPM: http://www.bipm.org

EFTS 2021 – European Frequency and Time Seminar

The EFTS is a no-profit intensive full-week seminar intended to provide education and training with lectures and lab sessions. It targets the broadest audience: Engineers, Ph.D. students, post-docs, young scientists, newcomers, etc.
This seminar is unique in the following:

  • Broad spectrum of topics related to time and frequency
  • Balance between academic and applied issues
  • Broad target audience, yet keeping high level education
  • Lab sessions. The participants work themselves in small groups with a wide range of instruments made available.

The high level of training is guaranteed by the world-class Scientific Council and lecturers from the major European and International Institution.

More information.