POST-DOC OFFER at FEMTO-ST– Besançon, France

Development of a stabilized laser on a sub-Kelvin Fabry-Perot cavity

Laboratory: FEMTO-ST– Besançon, France

Summary: Ultra-stable lasers have a central role in numerous scientific experiments for high precision measurements: atomic spectroscopy, diffusion of time & frequency signals by optical fiber, detection of gravitational waves and dark matter research. The performances are currently reaching fractional frequency stabilities below 10-16 at 1 second of integration. However, it is still insufficient for many applications including fundamental physics tests and optical atomic clocks. To overcome the current limits, the proposed offer consists in studying as finely as possible the behavior of a Fabry-Pérot cavity at 1 K, which will be used to stabilize a laser in frequency.

Offer details:

  • Prerequisites : PhD in Physics
  • Desired skills: Optical frequency metrology, Gaussian optics in free-space, Analog, digital and radio-frequency electronics, Control theory and locking/feedback techniques, Instrumentation, Cryogenic and ultra-high vacuum, Analysis and interpretation of noise and sources of noises
  • Contract duration : 1 year
  • Salary : approximately €2300 net
  • Procedure : Send CV, cover letter and at least 1 reference letter to

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