Experiment with the amazing properties of light with the LightBox kit

The LightBox project is based on an educational kit designed by the Atouts Sciences association (Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers – CNRS/USPN), enabling students to discover some remarkable properties of light through experimentation. The kit is used as the basis for scientific outreach activities, workshops and training courses. Over and above the dissemination of scientific culture, the aim of this project is to structure a national network of scientific referents, fostering the development of lasting links between teachers, organizers, young people and the world of research.

The LightBox kit is available free of charge to teachers, trainers, organizers, associations, museums and student clubs. Each project is led locally by a project manager (teacher, organizer, trainer, student, etc.) who is supported by a scientific advisor (a researcher, teacher-researcher, engineer or doctoral student) involved in the research. The project leader turns to the scientific advisor for all questions relating to his or her project, as well as for training, guidance and advice on how to use the equipment and carry out the experiments. In consultation with the project manager, the scientific advisor may be called upon to intervene directly with the project group (pupils, children) to run a workshop or give a talk. The scientific advisor can also host the project group for an event in its professional environment (laboratory, university, company, etc.). 70 projects have already been initiated in France, West Africa, Madagascar, Reunion Island and Peru (see Google Map: https://urlz.fr/oO4K)…

The kit is mainly supported by Labex First-TF, the Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers, Sorbonne Paris Nord University, the Société Française d’Optique, and has been recognized by UNESCO for the International Day of Light and by CNRS for the Year of Physics 2023/2024.

To join the project, click here: https://www.sfoptique.org/pages/sfo/lightbox.html


Gravitime Pendulum is a simple maintained pendulum in order to realize a travelling educational experiment,dedicated to scientific events for the general public, for high schools and museum institutions all over the world.Its essential aim being to sensitize the public to the metrological procedure through the operation of identificationof the acceleration of gravity by the measure of different frequencies.
A “general public” conference as part of the “Nuit des Temps” event was recorded. Please find it on the SFP YouTube channel: Gravitime Pendulum