EPJ QT special issue: “Quantum Metrology & Quantum Enhanced Measurement”

Quantum technologies are one of the major future challenges for research and science, but also a major opportunity for industry with respect to innovation and high technology. Indeed, quantum technologies and devices have already started to have an impact in industry, and several large companies are now developing new quantum devices or have started to integrate already existing devices into their products.

The exploitation of quantum effects in customised systems can lead to devices with superior performance and capabilities for sensing, measuring and imaging. The aim of this Special Issue on Quantum Metrology & Quantum Enhanced Measurement of the European Physical Journal Quantum Technology is to present cutting-edge research in the context of all these R&D quantum technology domains, as well as to highlight activities aiming to develop the necessary standardisation and metrological infrastructure for the characterisation and certification of the new quantum-based devices.

We invite you to submit articles for this special issue. Topics include, but are not limited to:

· Quantum Sensing with Colour Centres
· Quantum Imaging and Quantum Bio-Imaging
· Quantum-enhanced measurements in atomic systems
· Quantum-enhanced measurements in solid state systems
· Non-Classical light for quantum optical technologies and quantum enhanced measurement
· Entangled light sources and their characterisation and application
· Lattice and single trapped ion optical atomic clocks and optical combs
· Optical fibre link for Clock network Quantum Communication Testbed
· Technologies and Metrology for QKD
· Micro- and nanofabrication of quantum devices
· Josephson Junctions and Circuits
· Single-electron devices and fermionic quantum optics
· Quantum Hall effect and magneto-transport measurements
· Single photon sources and detectors technologies and metrology
· Entanglement-enhanced measurements and spectroscopy
· Quantum opto-mechanical resonators and quantum thermodynamics
· Quantum electrical transport and current sources
· Atomic-based sensors, e.g. quantum gravimeters, quantum gyroscopes, etc.
· Metrology of components for Quantum Computing

The special issue will be published as a Topical Collection in the framework of the Continuous Article Publication scheme allowing the usual EPJ Quantum Technology fast publication schedule whilst maintaining rigorous peer review; all articles must be submitted online, and peer review is managed fully electronically by the editors of the Special Issue.
Submissions are accepted from now until 30 June 2021.

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