Travelling exhibitions

FIRST-TF has supported the realization of travelling exhibitions. It can be borrowed.

“Le temps des uns, le temps des autres”

Realized by GEOAZUR, this exhibition is a transdisciplinarity one. Easily transportable, it can quickly be installed indoor. It is designed to be understood autonomously by everybody or to be used as a communication media to eplain history and time measurement.

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Time measurement

Realized by SYRTE, this exhibition aims to present several aspects in time measurement and its applications, from several perspectives (history, modern way) but with a pedagogical goal. It has been realized from “Misurare il tempo” exhibition, realized by the same team for the Festival della Scienza which hold at Genova (Italy) in October, 2014.

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“Le temps d’une exposition”

Realized by GEOAZUR, this exhibition is designed to present to e large public what is time and how it is built. This echibition invites everyone on a journey of eight posters which track time history and its measurement.

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If you want to borrow an exhibition or for any request: contact(at)