One-year secondment : Developer in GNSS time/frequency transfer

The BIPM (International Bureau of Weights and Measures) invites applications for a one-year secondee position in the Time Department, for developments in the field of GNSS time/frequency transfer with PPP and IPPP. The position may be extended to a second year.

Applications should be sent by 20 June 2021.

See more information on duties, employment conditions of such a secondee position, expected qualifications and experience, as well as on the application process in the announcement “One-year secondment – Developer in GNSS time/frequency transfer” at .

The BIPM is located at the Pavillon de Breteuil, Sevres, France, situated in the outskirts of Paris. The Time Department computes and disseminates the international reference time scale Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and provides traceability to the international system of units (SI) to local realizations of UTC maintained in national institutes. Further information about the BIPM: