Application Deadlin : March 18, 2024 – FIRST-TF Call for projects 2024

The 2024 FIRST-TF call for project is now open. DUe to the end of the current LabEx funding note the unusual terms of the call:
This year, the funding from FIRST-TF will be exclusively for projects already funded previously by FIRST-TF and involving:
– extending contract of post-doc / young researcher, currently employed by CNRS and previously funded by FIRST-TF, for a maximum of 30k€. A full cost simulation is required, and the extension cannot lead to an end of contract later thanJune 30th 2025.
– equipment or small material for Research/Service/Teaching for an existing project previously funded by FIRST-TF (repair, extension, upgrade,…). New operation of teaching/outreach are, however, accepted. The maximum per project is 15k€ and a quote is required. Billing will need to occur before June 30th 2025.

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for requests, contact: