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Laboratoire d'analyse et d'architecture des systèmes

LAAS-CNRS is involved in the design of various types of microwave sources. The RF integration team realizes oscillators and synthesizers entirely integrated on a silicon chip. Programmable digital synthesizers (DDS) are one of our best specialized knowledge in this field. Concerning high spectral purity oscillators, the optoelectronic approach has been largely developed these last years, and high spectral purity sources referenced on ultra-high Q optical resonators have been obtained. Other activities are focused on the coupling of a mode locked laser (optical comb) and of a microwave oscillator for millimeter wave frequency generation. Finally, a large set of noise characterization tools are available at LAAS, which includes phase noise metrology of microwave sources and devices, laser noise metrology, but also low frequency noise measurement and the modelling of the conversion of this low frequency noise into phase noise in RF circuits and systems

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