Laboratoire d’Analyse et d’Architecture des Systèmes du CNRS (LAAS) Category: Research or metrology institute

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Workforce: 8with: 4 permanents, 4 non-permanent


Realization and phase noise optimization of microwave oscillators. Low phase noise microwave generation using optics. High Q optical resonators. Coupled optoelectronic oscillators. RF and microwave phase noise metrology (10 MHz - 110 GHz). Noise metrology of optical frequency sources (laser FM and AM noise). Nonlinear noise modeling. Modeling of microwave optical systems. Case of cryogenic oscillators (superconducting cavities).
Microwave integrated circuit design using silicon technology. On-chip programmable integrated frequency synthesizers using digital or mixed analog / digital approaches (u0022spuriousu0022 and phase noise optimisation). Design of frequency conversion circuits in the millimeter wave range (30 GHz - 100 GHz).

Expertise :

  • Oscillators
    • RF and microwave oscillators and synthesis
      • Microwave technologies• Optoelectronic oscillators. Coupled optoelectronic oscillators. Phase noise in mixed optical and RF systems.
        Integrated microwave oscillators. Nonlinear noise modeling.
        Integrated frequency synthesis. Microwave DDS. Microwave PLL. Programable frequency dividers. Phase noise.
        Phase noise metrology up to 110 GHz.
      • THz technologies, THz signal generation• Optical generation of high spectral purity signals up to 100 GHz.
    • Optical oscillators, lasers
      • WGM, gallery modes• Lasers locked on WGM resonators or on fiber resonators.
        Technological developments on integrated optical resonators.
      • Frequency combs• Work on a fibered mode locked laser coupled to a microwave oscillator.
      • Laser sources• VCSEL and injection locked optically pumped lasers (Photonic group).
  • Specific methods of time-frequency metrology
    • Noise
      • Phase noise, PLL• PLL modeling and integration for microwave applications.
      • Intensity noise• Noise metrology platform : microwave and optics.
      • Short term stability, long term stability• Phase noise metrology (short term).

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