Joint meeting of the ESA Topical Teams: “ACES & General Relativity” and “ACES & Geodesy, clocks and time transfer”

The next joint meeting of the ESA Topical Teams: ACES & General Relativity and ACES & Geodesy, clocks and time transfer will be held at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, between Oct. 22, 2018 and Oct. 24, 2018. This meeting focuses on the utilization of ACES and highly accurate clocks in space, both from a point of view of space geodesy and fundamental physics. Topics of interest are:
1. The application and potential of highly accurate Clocks in Space such as ACES
2. Tests of the Einstein Equivalence Principle (EEP)
3. Laser Time Transfer using Satellites such as ACES and T2L2
4. Future applications of coherent time in space geodesy
5. The distribution of accurate time and frequency for metrology and geodesy

The colloquium will bring together the scientific community interested in the applications of highly accurate space clocks like ACES/PHARAO in all domains, from theoretical physics to cold atoms and application in geodesy and atmospheric studies. Furthermore we look at the scientific potential of near lossless links among high performing ground clocks and satellite clocks, both in time and frequency.

The meeting will consist of invited and contributed presentations on the details of ACES, data analysis and scientific applications. Whilst centered on ACES/PHARAO the colloquium is open to more general contributions on theory and experiments in any of the related subject areas. The aim is to prepare within the broad scientific community for the upcoming launch (2020), the  scientific exploitation of the data and the development of new applications in space geodesy.

The workshop will include both review and contributed talks with ample time for discussion.

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