FIRST-TF Call for projects 2022 is now open; deadline for applications February 15, 2022

The FIRST-TF 2022 Call for Projects is now open. The deadline for submitting applications is February 15, 2022.

This call for projects aims to support teams from the FIRST-TF network on ambitious projects (research projects, projects in partnership with companies, training projects or dissemination of knowledge to the public) and to strengthen collaborations between its members, on themes focused on Time and Frequency metrology, its interfaces and its applications.

This year, the support provided by FIRST-TF may focus on:

• staff (financing of young researcher fixed-term contracts, engineering or technician fixed-term contracts, doctoral mission, no theses funded this year);

• Research / Service / Training equipment (material, components, instrumentation, etc.) including co-financing of medium-heavy equipment;

• operation (missions, invitations to researchers, organization of workshops or conferences, etc.).

The text of the call for projects as well as the response form can be downloaded here:

=> Text of the call for projects.

=> Response form.

For any questions or requests for information relating to this call for projects, please send a message to