Workshop on Standardization of Galileo Timing Receivers (Prague, February 2, 2024, 10:00-13:00 CET)

The primary objective of the workshop is to present the ongoing standardisation activities for timing receivers.

The availability of accurate and secure timing information is crucial for a range of strategic sectors. This is especially the case for critical infrastructures, like telecommunication networks, energy distribution grids, financial markets. All of these will benefit from the future Galileo Timing Service.

In a joint effort, EUSPA and the European Commission will host  a workshop dedicated present the ongoing standardisation activities for timing receivers, aimed at the publication of the first ever Standard in 2024, a key component of the upcoming Galileo Timing Service. The workshop will provide a great opportunity for discussing with Stakeholders on the benefits for Timing and Synchronisation (T&S) applications, and on the user needs of the Timing community.

The workshop will be hybrid, taking place online and at EUSPA HQ.

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