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Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique

The LIPhy’s team “Laser Molecule and Environment” has a well-established activity in experimental techniques for molecular spectroscopy (CRDS, ML-CEAS, dual-comb  spectroscopy…), with important applications in the fields of atmospheric sciences, planetology and geoscience. Our laboratory data are compiled in international databases that are widely used for atmosphere modeling (e.g. radiative transfer), as a support for space missions, and for applications in trace gas analysis (pollutants, isotopic ratio,…). In order to respond to the growing needs in these domains, it is necessary to master the acquisition of spectral profiles both along the Y axis (absorption) and along the X axis (optical frequency). The latter requires a resolution at the 10 -11 level and an accuracy at 10 -12 . In addition to these activities, other topics at LIPhy also relate to time-frequency issues, such as the generation of low-jitter pulse trains by temporal Talbot effect, multi-heterodyne interferometry with acousto-optic optical frequency combs, and heterodyne stellar interferometry.

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