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Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris

The research developed at UMR 7154 IPGP covers nearly all the fields of Earth, Environment and Planetary sciences from the depths of the Earth to its atmosphere, from the surface of the Sun to the outer Solar system and beyond, from environments where life is absent to those where it is key in the geocycles. It also covers all scales either in time (from 4.5 Ga to present day) or space (from the nanometer scale to the planetary scale), and often relies on long-term continuous observations. The approach closely associates observation and monitoring of natural systems on the continents, at sea and from space, field studies on the continents or at sea, analytical and experimental studies, physical modeling and numerical simulations. One key aspect of this research is the access to the observatories of IPGP, dedicated to the monitoring of seismic, tectonic, magnetic and volcanic activities, of erosion and of the critical zone. The research is organized in 16 research groups and can be described in four themes: (i) Earth and planetary interiors, (ii) Natural hazards, (iii) Earth system science, and (iv) Origins.


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