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Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier

Our research group masters the technique of hydrothermal crystal growth of piezoelectric single crystals of alpha-quartz-type structure on an extended P-T range: (P= room-300MPa, T=room-550°C). Over the past thirty years, scientists have been trying to replace quartz with materials that have “better” piezoelectric properties. Now, our group uses theoretical methods combined to experiments to develop a catalog of acoustic and piezoelectric characteristics allowing the identification of potential candidates for any targeted application, BAW or SAW resonator, filter, sensor. We currently work on an implementation to include the temperature into our calculations. This implementation will allow the prediction of piezoelectric properties of Bulk acoustic waves and Surface acoustic waves in these materials (MXO 4 , LGS family such as Ca 3 TaGa 3 Si 2 O 14 variants and others…) and will allow the prediction of their frequency thermal behavior (such as the AT cut in quartz or GaPO 4 ).

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