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Relativistic Astrophysics Theories Experiences Metrology Instrumentation Signals

Activities of ARTEMIS laboratory related to frequency metrology comprise research activities and high technology development and studies activities

* Research activities:

– Studies of fundamental noises of mirrors: thermal noise and quantum fluctuation of radiation pressure. In this frame the use of higher order transverse mode has been developed in Fabry-Perot cavity.

-Studies of new fiber based concepts and devices for stabilization and comparison of laser frequencies


* Development and studies in high technology

-Characterization and stabilization of laser and optical amplifier frequency noise for the realization of Advanced VIRGO gravitational wave detector

-Study of the impact of phase noise on laser telemetry measurements

-Development of high control bandwidth Fabry-Perot cavity for spatial mode filtering

-Experimental use of digital technique for servo control based on field-programmable gate arrays


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