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Foundations of Oscillator Circuit Design Foundations of Oscillator Circuit Design

Auteur : Guillermo Gonzalez
Année : 2007
Éditeur : Artech House

Related tags : Electronics & signal processing, Oscillators,

In summary

Offering broader coverage than other oscillator design books on the market, this comprehensive resource considers the complete frequency range, from low-frequency audio oscillators to…

Packed with over 1,200 equations, the book gives you a thorough understanding of the principles and practice of oscillator circuit design and emphasizes the use of time-saving CAD simulation techniques. From the theory and characteristics of oscillators, to the design of a wide variety of oscillators (including tuned-circuit, crystal, negative-resistance, and relaxation oscillators), this unique book is the one-stop reference you’ll turn to again and again when working on your challenging projects in this field.