CCTF capacity building activity on resource sharing to improve national and international timekeepingWe are happy to inform you that the CCTF capacity building activity on resource sharing to improve national and international timekeeping has started! Following the CCTF recommendations, with the support of the IEEE UFFC society and together with a secondee at the BIPM, Dr Bharath Vattikonda from NPL India, the first courses in Time and […]
POST-DOC OFFER at FEMTO-ST– Besançon, FranceDevelopment of a stabilized laser on a sub-Kelvin Fabry-Perot cavity Laboratory: FEMTO-ST– Besançon, France Summary: Ultra-stable lasers have a central role in numerous scientific experiments for high precision measurements: atomic spectroscopy, diffusion of time & frequency signals by optical fiber, detection of gravitational waves and dark matter research. The performances are currently reaching fractional frequency […]
Application Deadlin : March 18, 2024 – FIRST-TF Call for projects 2024The 2024 FIRST-TF call for project is now open. DUe to the end of the current LabEx funding note the unusual terms of the call: This year, the funding from FIRST-TF will be exclusively for projects already funded previously by FIRST-TF and involving: – extending contract of post-doc / young researcher, currently employed by CNRS […]
Work-study contract for 1 year at CNES (Toulouse)Satellites constelation: clocks and synchronisation=>more information
Research engineer with expertise in instrumentationWe are hiring a research engineer with expertise in instrumentation to coordinate the construction and commissioning of the MIGA instrument (Gravitational Antenna based on Atomic Inetrferometry) at the LSBB site. This fixed-term contract will start as soon as possible at the LSBB Laboratory in Rustrel, Vaucluse, in the Parc Naturel Régional du Luberon in Provence […]
Post-doctorate position : Hydrogen deceleration for its first observation of the Gravitational Quantum StatesThis project aims to perform the first observation of Gravitational Quantum States onhydrogens in flight. This experiment is part of the international collaboration GRASIAN: GRAvity Spectroscopy and Interferometry with ultra-cold Atoms and Neutrons ( Full time post–doctorate, mainly experimental position. 12 months contract (possibility of extension). Start date: February 2024 – January 2025. Location: Laboratoire […]
Assistant professor position, Sorbonne Université, SYRTE laboratory, Paris (section 30).research activity to be carried out in the field of: “Quantum sensors with cold atoms”.The Systèmes de Référence Temps-Espace (SYRTE) laboratory carries out research in the field of fundamental astronomy, time and frequency metrology and sensor, and history of astronomy. A pioneering institution in their deveopment, it studies different types of cold-atom-based quantum sensors: microwave clocks, optical clocks and inertial sensors (gyrometers, gravimeters, gradiometers, chip-scale interformeters). These sensors have […]
Navigation GNSS Engineer (PhD)Rokubun, SpainJob opening at Rokubun (Spain) to fill a research position (PhD required) in the topic of satellite positioning, partially funded by the Spanish Science Ministry. The application deadline is set for February 14th, 2024, and should you be granted the position, the anticipated start date would be in the Summer of 2024. =>More details