15 months postdoctoral research position at the Laser Physics Laboratory to work on “continuous superradiant lasing from an atomic beam”We advertise an opening for a 15 months postdoctoral position at the Laser Physics Laboratory (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord), aiming at realizing our first studies with a continuous super-radiant laser experiment. See the Job description here. If interested, please contact Martin Robert-de-Saint-Vincent.
Lorentz Center Workshop on Ultracold Quantum Sensing, 17 – 21 April,Leiden, The Netherland.Lorentz Center Workshop on Ultracold Quantum Sensing, which will take place in Leiden, The Netherlands, 17 – 21 April. To apply, register your interest using this link till the deadline of February 5. The goal of this workshop is to stimulate discussions of ultracold quantum sensors and their applications, between researchers, industry and potential users. […]
CNU 30 lecturer position in Physics and Photonics will be opened in 2023 at the Sorbonne Paris Nord University (teaching at the IUT Mesures Physiques)The recruited person will carry out her/his research activities at the Laboratory of Laser Physics, UMR7538 CNRS-University Sorbonne Paris Nord – The candidate can contact: Anne Amy-Klein, laboratory director, Anne Amy-Klein OMA team, : team leader Jean-Michel Tualle, Jean-Michel Tualle MMTF team, : team leader Benoît Darquié, Benoit Darquié OPAL team, […]
FIRST-TF Call for projects 2023 is now open; deadline for applications March 13, 2023The FIRST-TF 2023 Call for Projects is now open. The deadline for submitting applications is March 13, 2023. This call for projects aims to support teams from the FIRST-TF network on ambitious projects (research projects, projects in partnership with companies, training projects or dissemination of knowledge to the public) and to strengthen collaborations between its members, […]
Lecturer position (30th section) open at the University of Rennes for the start of the academic year 2023The recruited candidate will carry out his research activities at the FOTON Institute in Rennes (DOP team) in the field of photonics and his teaching at the UFR SPM. Those interested can contact now: Marc VALLET, DOP team manager (+33) 2 23 23 62 04, Website : For teaching profile: Janine EMILE, director […]
5th European GNU Radio days 2023, 29-30 March, SYRTE/Observatoire de ParisThe 5th edition of the European GNU Radio Days will be held March 29 & 30 at SYRTE/Observatoire de Paris with presentations sought around the keyword « synchronization ». Topics related to the free opensource software defined radio framework GNU Radio involving synchronization of the various communication layers, from the radiofrequency signal to distributed acquisition […]
Project manager position for the Equipex T-REFIMEVE,We are looking for a research engineer to lead the national T-REFIMEVE equipment project developed by our research team from the Laboratory of Laser Physics at University Sorbonne Paris Nord, in collaboration with SYRTE. 2-year fixed-term contract, renewable, Research Engineer level, category A+.  Contract start date: as soon as possible. Contact: Pr Anne AMY-KLEIN, head […]
3-year Research Assistant position at the Astronomical Institute of the University of BernThe satellite geodesy research group of the Astronomical Institute of the University of Bern (AIUB) offers a 3-year Research Assistant position. The focus of the research activities will be in the field of GNSS data analysis. Application deadline is December 23, 2022. For more information, please see Job description here.