European Frequency and Time Seminar (Besancon, 1-5 July 2024)

The EFTS is an intensive full-week seminar intended to provide education and training with lectures and laboratory sessions. It targets a broad audience: Engineers, Ph.D. Students, Post-doctoral Fellows, Young Scientists, Newcomers, etc.

This seminar is original in the following:

  • Broad spectrum of topics related to time and frequency
  • Broad target audience, yet keeping high level education
  • Balance between academic and applied issues
  • True laboratory sessions (as opposite to demos). The attendees are expected to practice on a wide range of instruments made available.

We plan 23 lectures, 12 H hands-on labs in small groups, visits at the FEMTO-ST Institute and the Observatory of Besancon, social events, and an Astronomy Session on the “exact time” from stars.

Please look at the preliminary Program.