CCTF capacity building activity on resource sharing

We are happy to inform you that the CCTF capacity building activity on resource sharing to improve national and international timekeeping has started!

Following the CCTF recommendations, with the support of the IEEE UFFC society and together with a secondee at the BIPM, Dr Bharath Vattikonda from NPL India, the first courses in Time and Frequency are available on the BIPM e-learning platform.


The course aims to provide knowledge and processing capacity on time transfer through GNSS pseudorange measurements.

It includes a tutorial and interactive open-source software with a dedicated user manual and video demonstration.

Please enroll and start testing the processing of your CGGTTSS file

This will help your evaluation of time transfer links and also the validation of your CGGTTS data before sending to the BIPM.

Please send us any feedback and if you have questions or suggestions, you can contact Bharath at

2) Course that summarizes the CCTF Technical Exchanges organized by the CCTF WG TAI and WG Algorithms

In collaboration with the WG TAI and WG Algorithms we are organizing online technical exchange meetings allowing UTC laboratories to exchange their experience and to support the capacity building and the possibility of collaboration.

The Technical Exchange meetings are recorded, and the videos are publicly available on the BIPM eLearning page

(The presentations are available on the WG TAI dedicated web page for the people that attended the meetings).


As you may remember, the CCTF capacity building programme is based on shared resources, and we would like to start the collection of possible training resources that you may want to make available.

The course aims to offer a large variety of tools, from reference papers, to presentations, tutorials, e-learning course, and open-source software modules to help the education in the field of time and frequency metrology with particular attention to the realization of a time scale UTC(k).

The topics are subdivided in 15 categories, and you will find a presenting page on the BIPM eLearning page

The list of the topics is as follows:

  1. Time and Frequency Overview
  2. Requirements for setting up a UTC(k) Time Scale Lab
  3. Statistical tools for Clock Characterization
  4. Measurement Techniques of Time and Frequency
  5. Time scale Generation and Operation
  6. Timescale Algorithms
  7. GNSS Time Transfer Link
  8. Two Way Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer Link (TWSTFT)
  9. Time and Frequency Transfer Over Optical Fiber
  10. Data Exchange (Interface Document) with BIPM
  11. BIPM products
  12. Dissemination of UTC(k)
  13. Redundant Laboratory for the back-up generation of UTC(k)
  14. Primary and Secondary Frequency Standards in UTC and UTC(k)
  15. Current Topics Under Discussion at CCTF


Could you please start thinking if you have availability of any material that could be suggested in this list? Would you be available to develop a new tool? Please contact us at to propose your material.

All the other UTC labs will be able to take advantage of what you have developed for your lab!

We would be grateful to have your feedback, at least as a draft, by the end of May 2024

We sincerely hope that the CCTF Capacity building activity based on shared resources may be attractive and useful to all.

Thanks for any feedback to

Marina, Liz, Bharath, Patrizia and Giulio