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Aubry Conseil

Bridging scientific and Industrial activities, support understanding the needs both way, technology transfer from scientific to industry, and understand need of long term direction in laboratories

Scientific domain :

  • Technology; materials, Sensors & resonators
  • Time & frequency – Atomic clocks. -cold atoms, thermal jet,… -oscillators (Quartz, DRO, RF, optical, ceramic)
  • Time transfer, based on standardized protocols -NTP, PTP, PTP-SyncE, PTP-WR,
  • Partner of various Swiss and French University and Lab research

Industrial domain :

  • Development and manufacturing at system or components level,
  • Support on BP, marketing, sales , sales network, distribution,
  • Time generation, time dissemination, Railways, airport, .. timing- Security in time transfer, cybersecurity – Energy distribution / Smart grid / Renewable energies, hybrid energy network deployment – Medical applications: Laser, sensors – Military / defense / Space

Contact FIRST-TF : Jean Pierre AUBRY

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