AUBRY CONSEIL Category: Industry and consulting

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Workforce: 2with: 1 permanents, 1 non-permanent


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Strategic, technical, marketing, Int'l sales consultancy
Start Up / SME creation and growth
Industrial organization
Technical support
Sales and marketing support
Technology transfer (search for)
Academic support to industry (search for)
Market needs report
Temporary management

Material, component, devices, system
Material, resonators, sensors
Oscillators, clock and time transfer

Expertise :

  • Oscillators
    • RF and microwave oscillators and synthesis
      • Piezoelectric technologies• Piezo & acoustic materials, caractérisation, forming (sawing, angle correction, lapping polishing)
        X ray orientation
        X ray topographies
      • MEMS technologies• Report, bounding
        chemical etching
        ion beam etching
        ultrasonic machining
      • Spintronic technologies• Hydrogen ESR in fullerenes-type cage
      • THz technologies, THz signal generation• OEO, fluoride type Optical whispering gallery mode
        Brillouin and Kerr non linearities
      • Disciplined oscillators• OCXO disciplination
        smart disciplined OCXO
        GNSS disciplined OCXO (microsecond /day level)
    • Optical oscillators, lasers
      • WGM, gallery modes• Optical WGM on Fluoride type resonators
        resonator forming (polishing)
        Brillouin non linearities (acoustic and optical contributon)
  • Atomic references
    • Micro-wave clocks and subsystems
      • Cold atoms• Basic knowldge, sales & market analysis, suport
      • Thermal beam clocks• Design, production and sales
        Magnetic deflexion / optical pumping
      • Coherent population trapping (CPT) clocks• Cooperation to MAC TFC, design and market
        reduce light shift, low ageing
  • Synchronisation, frequency transfer and time scales
    • Micro-wave links
      • GNSS• GNSS receiver market
        GNSS securization: Authentication, NMA, T-RAIM, anti spoofing / anti-scintillation, antenna diversity, multipath mitigation, SQM, ... back-up input, Quality performance managementsback up technologies (RF, fiber, 1way, 2 way, multiple 1way, ...)
      • Two way systems• PTP, PTP sync
        EPTP WR (White Rabbit)
      • Radio links• PTP-WR (PTP White Rabbit) over microwave link
        ISM band compatibility
      • Wired links• NTP, PTP, PTP-WR (PTP White Rabbit)
    • Fibred optical links
      • Data transfer on a fibre network• PTP-WR (PTP White Rabbit) over fiber network
        PTP-WR over fiber telecom networkad/drop alien lambda, use of non trafic wavelength (OSC)
  • Specific methods of time-frequency metrology
    • Noise
      • Phase noise, PLL• Design contribution
      • Short term stability, long term stability• Caracterisation of source & links
        Oscillator caractérisation
    • Systematics, Accuracy, Calibration
      • Systematics in atom-light interaction• Cell darkening and drift
    • Chronometry
  • Techniques for time-frequency metrology and applications
    • Electronics
      • Analog electronics
      • Digital electronics
    • Mechanics, Ultra-high vacuum, Cryogenics• Industrialization of laser based dynamic filter adjustment (71% 211MHz)
      pumped He Helium cryogeny, supraconductor magnet, far infrared bolometer
    • Sensors
      • Piezoelectric, MEMS inertial sensors• Materials investigation on G-sensors
      • Pressure sensors

Connected Sectors:

  • Positioning and navigation
    • Satellite positioning, GNSS• GNSS secured receiver
      pseudolite infrastructurealternative (e Loran, STL, ...)
      Optical fiber based synchronized pseudolite, …
  • Network synchronisation
    • Telecommunications• Knowledge in Telecom network synchronizationsyntonisation (PDH, mSDH)
      fix line synchronisation (PTP, PTP-SyncE, L1 PTP,...) for fix infraBS synchroniation (GNSS, PTP, SyncE, PTP-WR White Rabbit).
      GNSS, microsecond level autonomysub microsecond time requirements for aggreation (multi antennas)
      sync network management
    • Cyber security• Secure user access, crypto
    • Smart grids• Time requirements, time dissemination, GNSS / fiber based, in PMUs
    • Bank transactions• Secure time transfer, secure GNSS (anti spoofing, disponibility, availabillity, traceability,...)
      fiber based secure timing convergence GNSS/fiber
    • Transportation networks• GNSS to be secured, augmentation network, GNSS alternative (STL, ELoran,...)
  • Arts, Languages, human and social sciences
    • Concepts of precision and accuracy• VIM (International Vocabulary of Metrology) and GUM (Guide to the Uncertainty in Metrology) from BIPM documentation fan
      stability and accuray ,…

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