TOUS LES Industry


Syrlinks is a supplier of wireless and geolocation systems for harsh environments.

Syrlinks designs and manufactures high-end products and solutions for the following markets:

  • Space : radiocommunication systems and positioning equipement for Low Earth Orbit satellites (TTC transceivers, high data rate transmitters, GNSS receivers)
  • Defense : electronic warfare equipment and embedded positioning systems easy to deploy for operational units on the battlefield
  • Safety : miniature distress beacons for companies who want to integrate a Save And Rescue functionality into their existing products

Syrlinks designs and manufactures also a range of high reliability and high performance cristal oscillators (OCXO, VCO…) embedded into its various devices for space, defense and beacons domains.

Syrlinks has all the skills required in the following technical areas (Electronics, Radio Frequency, Signal Processing, Software, Mechanical, … ) and also has the necessary resources in its manufacturing facility to produce small series of high-value equipment.

Contact FIRST TF : Cyril BOISSY

Mail : cyril.boissy(at)