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Low power Precision OCXO, GPS/GNSS disciplined Timing Modules and MEMS Micro-Atomic ClockSyrlinks has been developing miniaturized OCXO since the late 80's. Our EWOS Precision Oven Controller Crystal Oscillators are used in all Syrlinks' Space Radio Products as they provide a very high reliability, low mass, and extremely low power consumption compatible with Space Applications. Syrlinks is today expanding its product range to new Timing Modules SGTM and MEMS Micro Atomic Clocks MMAC...SGTM is Syrlinks' GNSS Timing Modules. Their key feature is to provide a read-to-go synchronization function with a PPS_in/out and a 10 MHz high stability output. SGTM are using Syrinks' low power EWOS and their overall power consumption beats by a factor of 10 to 20 the similar timing modules from other vendors for similar performances. Based either on a AT-cut or SC-cut Syrlinks OCXO, you will find the appropriate SGTM model based on your required level of performances and always with extremely low power budgets.MMAC is Syrlinks' MEMS Micro-Atomic Clock, designed around a Cesium Vapour MEMS Cell and a compact, low noise and cost-effective electronic. MMAC offers the best long term aging performance for a given power consumption less than 200 mW, making it ideal for all underwater or unmanned aerial applications. MMACwill be soon available for frequencies at 8.192 MHz, 10.000 MHz and 16.384 MHz.

Expertise :

  • Oscillators
    • RF and microwave oscillators and synthesis
      • Piezoelectric technologies• Micro-OCXO with AT & SC Cut resonator, ~ 100mW power consumption
        Space OCXO adapted for mega constellations
        Industrial OCXO
      • MEMS technologies• MEMS Micro Atomic Clock
      • Microwave technologies• RF design up to 35 GHz
      • Disciplined oscillators• SGTM products
        Timing and Synchronization Modules
        OCXO with AT & SC cut resonators
  • Atomic references
    • Micro-wave clocks and subsystems
      • Coherent population trapping (CPT) clocks• Electronics for Micro Atomic Clock (Cesium Cs)
  • Synchronisation, frequency transfer and time scales
    • Micro-wave links
      • GNSS• GNSS Satellite receiver, PNT, Dual Band, dual Frequencies GNSS receivers, Robust timing receivers
      • Radio links• Satellite Radios in S band, X band, L band, Ka / Ku bands
        High Data Rate transmitters, TT&C - ISL transponders, GNSS receivers, for Micro, Mini and Nanosatellites
    • Fibred optical links
      • Data transfer on a fibre network• Design and manufacturing of the electronic board for REFIMEVE regeneration and signal extraction stations.

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