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MUQUANS is a high technology company, specialized in high precision measurements. It proposes several innovative products, based on a unique and patented technology, relying on the use of laser cooling/trapping/manipulation of neutral atoms.Our current product portfolio includes:

  • An absolute quantum gravimeter capable of measuring gravity with a relative accuracy of 10-9, dedicated to various geophysics applications.
  • An atomic clock, which provides a time reference signal offering relative stability and accuracy close to 10-15 and dedicated to time metrology applications.
  • Various types of laser systems offering unique features, dedicated to scientific applications requiring a tight control of the spectral characteristics.

Muquans is a spin-off of two academic laboratories :

  • LP2N, UMR 5298 CNRS – Institut d’Optique – Université de Bordeaux
  • SYRTE, UMR 8630 CNRS – Observatoire de Paris – UPMC – LNE


Mail : bruno.desruelle(at)

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