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MUQUANS is a high technology company, specialized in high precision measurements. It proposes several innovative products, based on a unique and patented technology, relying on the use of laser cooling/trapping/manipulation of neutral atoms.Our current product portfolio includes:
- Development of a atomic clock based on laser cooled atoms, that generates an ultra high performance time and frequency reference, with a short term stability close to 3e-13 at 1 s an a long term stability close to 1e-15
- Development of optical repeater stations for the transfer of optical frequencies along optical links, and deployment of these equipment over a telecom network.
- Development of laser & optical solutions dedicated to atom cooling, trapping and quantum manipulation

Muquans is a spin-off of two academic laboratories :
- LP2N, UMR 5298 CNRS ? Institut d'Optique ? Université de Bordeaux
- SYRTE, UMR 8630 CNRS ? Observatoire de Paris ? UPMC ? LNE

Expertise :

  • Oscillators
    • RF and microwave oscillators and synthesis
      • Microwave technologies• Agile frequency synthesizers, with ultra low phase noise
    • Optical oscillators, lasers
      • Lasers locked to an atomic or molecular line• Laser locked on atomic or molecular transitions (rubidium Rb, potassium K, iodine I2) through saturated absorption spectroscopy.
      • Laser sources• High power laser sources between 1530 and 1600 nm, and 765-800 nm
  • Atomic references
    • Micro-wave clocks and subsystems
      • Cold atoms• Development of a high performance atomic clock based on laser cooled rubidium Rb atoms
  • Synchronisation, frequency transfer and time scales
    • Fibred optical links
      • Data transfer on a fibre network• Regeneration and extraction stations for optical frequency transfer along optical fibers
        Deployment and supervision of these equipements on a telecom network
  • Specific methods of time-frequency metrology
    • Noise
      • Phase noise, PLL• RF and optical domainVery low phase noise
        Spectral agility
      • Intensity noise• OPtical domain (RIN, long term stability)
      • Short term stability, long term stability• Variances (Allan, Adev) Stability of microwave oscillators and stabilized lasers
        Stability of atomic clocks
        Stability of frequency transfer optical links
        Stability of gravity measurements
    • Systematics, Accuracy, Calibration
      • Systematics in atom-light interaction• Light shifts
        Zeeman shifts
        Rabi Pulling
        Cavity pulling
        Black body radiation
    • High resolution spetroscopy
      • Atomic spectroscopy• Saturated absorption spectroscopy of atomic vapors (Rubidium Rb, Cesium Cs)
  • Techniques for time-frequency metrology and applications
    • Electronics
      • Analog electronics• Low noise laser drivers
        Low noise fast PLL
        High conversion efficiency power electronics
        Dynamic control of magnetic fields
        Low nosie photodetection
      • Digital electronics• Real time data processing
        Real time sequencer with multiple inputs and outputs
      • Acquisition, interfaces, converters• Low noise and high frequency Analog do digital conversion
    • Mechanics, Ultra-high vacuum, Cryogenics• Design of ultra-high vacuum chambers (P < 10^-9 mbar) for manipulation of cold atoms
    • Optics
      • Guided optics, specific optical fibres• Fibered laser systems in the 1530-1600 nm and 765-800 nm wavelength range
        Fibered micro-optical benches
      • High sensitivity, low noise photodetectors• Shot noise photodetection
      • Control of the optical beam characteristics• Beam quality measurements
    • Cooling or trapping techniques
      • Cooling, trapping of atoms• Atom laser cooling and trapping
    • Interferometry techniques
      • Atom interferometry techniques• Matter wave interferometers for inertial measurements
        Time & frequency measurements with interrogation of laser cooled atom rubidium Rb atomic sample
      • Optical interferometry techniques• Characterization of the phase stability of optical links with optical interferometry
    • Sensors
      • Atomic inertial sensors• Development of matter-wave gravimeter and gravity gradiometer

Connected Sectors:

  • Fundamental science
    • Tests of fundamental physics• Test of the equivalence principle
    • Astronomy, astrophysics (radioastronomy, VLBI, gravitational waves sensors)• Contribution to the MIGA project
  • Positioning and navigation
    • Satellite positioning, GNSS• Primary time and frequency references for GNSS
    • Inertial navigation• Matter wave inertial sensors

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