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FIRST-TF : Réseau d’excellence du Programme Investissements d’Avenir

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Two Ph-D defenses in Time & Frequency metrologyOn cavities for ultra stable lasers (6 June) and on compact cold atom clocks (10 June)6 June 2016 (Besançon) – Thesis defense of Alexandre DIDIER : “Development of ultra-stable Fabry-Perot cavities for new generation optical frequency standards” 10 June 2016 (Paris) – Thesis defense of Stéphane TREMINE : “Study of Cesium atoms cooling in a 3D speckle laser field and realization of a compact atomic clock”.   ⇒ More information
Successful launch of MICROSCOPEA space mission to test the Einstein's Equivalence PrincipleAfter three postponements for meterological reasons, the Soyouz VS14 rocket has been successfully launched from Kourou on 25th April 2016, with several satellites onboard, among them Microscope which has the objective to test the Einstein’s Equivalence Principle with the highest ever precision. In France, in this mission funded by the French space agency CNES, ONERA […]
FOMO 2016 – Frontiers of Matter Wave OpticsConference : 10-17 September 2016 // Summer School 3-10 September 2016A summer school and an international conference covering the wide area of matter-wave physics and its applications. => More information
Contirbute to the Quantum Manifesto befor April 30th, 2016Towards an European Flagship on Quantum TechnologiesCold atoms are at the heart of the new quantum technologies (atomic clocks, quantum simulators, quantum sensors, first prototypes of quantum computers, etc.), which, in the near future, shall have a deep impact both on fundamental as well as on applied research. Therefore, we find appropriate to invite you to read the “Quantum Manifesto” (*) […]
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