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Gorgy Timing

Since 1974 Gorgy Timing has been designing, manufacturing and marketing synchronization and time distribution systems.

Gorgy Timing is an expert in the field of Time/Frequency and very much innovation oriented. It develops high-level software and electronics in its products to continually adjust the quartz, cesium or rubidium frequency.

Since 2002 Gorgy Timing has been designing products adapted to the numeric world. They use the NTP (Network Time Protocol) and PTP (Precision Time Protocol) over the Ethernet network to offer always more security, traceability and precision.

At the head of an ambitious collaborative project which brings together the French Time/Frequency experts, Gorgy Timing structures the existing and emergent French Time/Frequency sector. Along with the academic research sector, Gorgy Timing helps strengthen the position of industrial and service companies of the Time/Frequency sector on both the French and international markets.

Contact FIRST-TF : Nicolas Gorgy

Mail : Nicolas.Gorgy(at)GORGY-TIMING.FR

Gorgy Timing