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Univers Transport Interfaces Nanostructures Atmosphère et environnement Molécules

The UTINAM institute – Universe, Transport, Interfaces, Nanostructures, Atmosphere and environment, Molecules -is a Mixed Unit of Research of the CNRS (UMR 6213), associated with the University of Franche-comté. Founded in 2007 by the fusion of the three laboratories, Astrophysics, Molecular Physics and Chemistry of Materials and Interfaces, UTINAM is a multidisciplinary research institute.

Research in time and frequency metrology are performed within the team PhAs (Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics) and focus on the study of the stability of oscillators and time and frequency transfer techniques.

This activity is based on a time-frequency service that participates in the elaboration of national and international time scales and ensures the dissemination of these references in academic laboratories as well as in industry through its calibration services.

UTINAM was rated A when evaluated by AERES in 2012.


Contacts FIRST-TF :

François VERNOTTE, Mail : francois.vernotte(at)

François MEYER, Mail : francois.meyer(at)

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