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GEOAZUR is a multidisciplinary joint research unit affiliated to the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (UNS), Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur (OCA), CNRS and IRD, and Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC). The major supervising institution is the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. Geoazur focuses on Geoscience research using combined analyses of the Earth, Ocean and Space.

The central topics are Lithosphere Dynamics and the Metrology of the Earth (shape, orientation and gravity field) and the Nearby Universe (interplanetary trajectories of vehicules, dynamics of solar bodies and tests of General Relativity).

The team “Astrogeo: Geodesy and Metrology of the Nearby Universe” works on topics first based on fundamental Astronomy (Space mechanics, geodynamics and space&time reference systems and frames, Relativity), and on topics on the edge of geophysical and geodesy. Its research activities are organized into somes major themes, as:

  • Combined methodological approach of gravitational systems (trajectories of natural bodies and space vehicules), physics of the planets/satellites environment (internal structure, gravity, rotation) and fundamental physics (G dot, PPN parameters, dynamics and geometry)
  • Equivalence Principle (EP) of Einstein theory, and the development of the future Microscope (CNES, ESA) space satellite
  • Study of the constancy of the terrestrial reference by space techniques (GPS, laser ranging, and radar altimetry of ocean surface : marine geoid)
  • Time transfer techniques comparison (optics based on laser and GNSS), and the exploitation/operation of the T2L2 space mission on Jason2 ; capacitiesregarding time transfer systems (ground/ground and ground/space) and fundamental physics

Quantification of deformation by means of space geodesy (GPS and radar interferometry)

Contacts FIRST-TF: Julien CHABÉ, Mail: julien.chabe(at); Clément COURDE, Mail: clement.courde(at)


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