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Laboratoire Photonique Numérique et Nanosciences

LP2N is a Joined Research Unit (UMR 5298) between Institut d’Optique Graduate School (IOGS), University of Bordeaux and CNRS. It forms one of the elements of the Bordeaux site of the IOGS within the Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine, where training, research and innovation coexist.

The activities of LP2N come into five research axes: “Nano-optics and quantum systems” which covers optical and quantum phenomena at microscopic scales, “Light and Matter waves in artificial media” which deals with wave phenomena in complex media, “Innovative imaging and quantitative biology” which concerns new nanoscopy approaches in biophysics and biology, “Computational and optical systems, mixed reality” which tackles new concepts in terms of optical design with application in virtual reality, smart sensors and optical restitution systems and “Industrial partnership, metrology and photonic systems” which establishes a fertile research environment at the crossroad between photonics, electronics and high-precision instrumentation.


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