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Laboratoire Charles Fabry

Laboratoire Charles Fabry (LCF) is a joint research laboratory established by Institut d’Optique – Graduate School and the French national research agency CNRS with Université Paris-Sud as a cooperating institution. The research themes at LCF covers a broad spectrum of topics in photonics and its applications, from quantum optics to image physics, with a strong experimental component. LCF is composed of about forty researchers and professors, as much technicians and engineers, and about sixty PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.

The LCF activities that fall within the scope of FIRST-TF are those conducted within the LASERS group on optically-pumped semiconductor sources. In collaboration with Laboratoire Photonique & Nanostructures, we design the laser structures; we study the properties of these lasers in the context of metrology, with specific focus on their spectral performance.


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