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Summer and winter schools of interest for FIRST-TF community

22-26 april 2019: High Precision Physics using an Optical Fibre Link and Optical Frequency Comb, École de Physique des Houches, France

The French Optical Society (Société Française d’Optique) is happy to announce a new series of annual international thematic schools devoted to hot topics in optics and photonics, held every year at Les Houches School of Physics.
After more than 15 years of development, optical fiber links and optical frequency combs are now sufficiently mature to be spread and shared outside the time/frequency metrological institutes. The school follows on from the international development of optical fiber links and its objective is thus to broadcast among a wide community of physicist the possibilities of high precision measurement thanks to the optical fiber transfer of an optical frequency reference, coupled to a frequency comb. These setup enable any laboratory to access an ultrastable and accurate reference frequency which opens the way to high-precision experiments in a wide range of physical domain. In order to benefit from its metrological performance, the optical reference frequency disseminated by optical fiber links can then be transferred to a wide spectral range from RF to UV frequencies thanks to optical frequency combs. In addition, these combs are ideal tools for high-resolution atomic and molecular spectroscopy.
The attendants will learn both the basics, performance and limitations of these two tools and how to take advantage of them for high-precision measurements. The applications in sight concern for instance tests of fundamental physics, atomic and molecular high-resolution spectroscopy using either stabilized lasers or new spectroscopic methods, frequency transfer for radio astronomy and geodesy and novel applications concerning Earth observation.
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10-14 September 2018: Optical Clock School OCS 2018, Gressoney la Trinité, Aosta Valley, Italy

The school will be aimed at PhD students, post-docs, young scientists and engineers of the field with a strong focus on training and education.
Research on optical frequency standards based on cold atoms or ions has shown a great advance in the last few years with optical clocks demonstrating unprecedented stability and accuracy and achieving 10^-18 uncertainties in just hundreds of seconds. Optical clocks are the best candidates for a redefinition of the SI second in the near future, surpassing the performance of caesium primary standards.
The School on Optical Clocks will offer insight on the state of the art in this field and will present the very latest results from the international community. The School will explain the efforts to achieve 1×10^-18 uncertainties, to develop novel techniques for frequency stabilization and to ensure the reproducibility of optical clocks through direct frequency comparisons.
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8-19 January 2018 : Winter school on Physics with Trapped Charged Particles, Les Houches

In continuing the successful Winter School on the Physics with Trapped Charged Particles held in Les Houches (France) in January 2012 and 2015 (lecture notes available) we are happy to announce the third such school to be held this coming January 2018.  The school will take place from January 8-19, 2018 and applications are now open.
Deadline for applications: September 17th

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3-7 July 2017: ICFO School on the Frontiers of Light on New Frontiers in Optical Trapping and Optical Manipulation, Barcelona

This new edition of the ICFO School on the Frontiers of Light will introduce the students to the physics of optical forces and the principal current trends in the field, including statistical physics, optomechanics, biophysics and soft matter. The school agenda includes pedagogical lectures on selected topics, research seminars, group discussion sessions, and lab tours and is ideally designed for master-level students and beginners in the field. The school will be complemented by a one-day symposium which will bring together worldwide experts from different communities who will present some of the main emerging trends.

The school will include 4 days of lectures from 3-6 July. The scientific Symposium will run on Friday 7 July with invited talks from leading international researchers.

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12-16 June 2017: Thematic school CNRS INNOV-FIBRE

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3-10 Sept. 2016: FOMO 2016: A summer school covering the wide area of matter-wave physics and its applications

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July 4 – July 29, 2016: Les Houches Summer School “€œCurrent Trends in Atomic Physics”

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