Trainings with modules about time-frequency metrology and its applications:

Engineer sector:

Master’s degree:

  • Master’s degree “Lumière, Matière, Interactions” at UPMC ⇒ Website
  • [ARCHIVE] Master’s degree “Photonique et Nanotechnologies” at Paris 13 University and CNAM ⇒ Website
  • Master’s degree “Matériaux avancés en nanotechnologies” at Paris 13 University and with IUT Saint Denis ⇒ Website
  • Master’s degree “Sciences de l’Univers et Techniques Spatiales” (Obs Paris, U Paris Diderot, U Paris Sud, UPMC, ENS) ⇒ Website
  • Master’s degree “Instrumentation Optique Laser” at Aix-Marseille University ⇒ Website