For engineers and researchers

“Frequency and Amplitude Stability in Oscillators from RF/Microwaves to Optics” training

Lecture series for PhD Students, Postdoc Fellows and Young Scientists. This course derives from a series of seminars given at the tutorial session of international conferences of time and frequency, and from invited seminars given at INRIM/Torino, University of Pisa, JPL/Pasadena, DESY/Hamburg, LBNL/Berkley, ANL/Chicago, MPI-QO/Munich…

Located at Femto-ST (Besançon)

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EFTS (European Time & Frequency Seminar) summer school

This school, yearly organized at Besançon, approaches different aspects of time-frequency metrology. During 5 days, it includes theoretical courses and tutorials.

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LNE training sessions

Lots of training sessions are offered by LNE. It can be between 1 and 10 days.
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