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TRONICS Microsystems is among the world leaders for the fabrication of custom MEMS devices. Located in Grenoble, France, at the heart of Minalogic, the French Micro-Nanotechnologies Competitiveness Centre, and in the United States (Dallas, Texas), the group operates two 150mm-wafer production lines and is present on medium volume professional high-value-added markets, such as industrial instrumentation, telecommunications, biomedical and aeronautics. Based on innovative silicon, glass and SOI micromachining technologies, TRONICS co-develops and manufactures custom microsystems, from bare dies, to packaged, calibrated and tested components, such as:
- Inertial devices (inertial MEMS dies, rate gyro sensors and accelerometers),
- Time and frequency devices (RF MEMS switches and circuits, vapour cells and physics package for miniature atomic clocks),
- Chips for biomedical systems (biochips, electrodes for neurostimulation, ?)
- Other dedicated devices (printing heads, mirrors and microfabricated lenses, ?)

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