Station de radioastronomie de Nançay (USN) Category: Research or metrology institute

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NANCAY, France

Nançay Radio Astronomy station is a Scientific Unit of the Paris Observatory, and National Research Council for Scientific Research (CNRS). Its mission is the development and application of technical radio astronomy and astrophysics. It thus provides operational instrument systems available to scientists to enable them to conduct research programs in the fields of radio observations of the Universe and the exploration of the Earth's environment and the Solar System.
The station is involved in the international project SKA (Square Kilometer Array), including design of phased array used in medium frequency (500 MHz - 1.5 GHz). The ANR AAIR (Aperture Array Integrated Receiver), conducted within the station, needs to deliver a solution for digitalizing the signal directly under the antennas.
The project aims to study a solution to synchronize this set of antennas.

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