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LES ULIS, France

We apply essential ingenuity using resilient PNT technology to help a wide range of industries. Two of our major focus areas are defense and aerospace where we use our building block products to provide integrated solutions in mission critical applications. We help data centers get the critical data they need to keep a competitive edge and are involved extensively in industries such as automotive to reduce the cost and time of testing through simulation solutions. And we constantly ask, what's next so we can support you with tomorrow's possibilities.
Today's challenges:
- Resilient PNT / Defence land, air and sea / Critical infrastructure timing / Enterprise Network timing / Automotive Navigation and Test / Big Data / Test and Measurement / Financial Services
Our solutions include:
GPS and GNSS technology covering all satellite-based time and positioning signals including encrypted military SAASM and M-Code receivers, GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, IRNSS, and QZSS.
In-house time and frequency equipment manufacturing that include compact Rubidium standards and space-qualified Hydrogen Maser standards.
High-power satellite-based technology STL (Satellite Time and Location) that penetrates buildings, obstructions and is resilient to jammers, which can be used as a secure signal of opportunity to complement GPS and other GNSS satellite signals. These make each application more accurate, secure and less prone to interference and attack.
BroadShield jamming and spoofing detection systems that use over 75 proven detection algorithms to detect interference and spoofing within the GPS signal and GPS spectrum.
Alternative PNT signals and Signals of Opportunity receivers leveraging available signals such as eLORAN to increase the probability of maintaining accurate PNT information.
Vulnerability test systems that can evaluate the effects of interference, jamming and spoofing on systems that rely on GNSS signals.
Integration of various inertial sensors including MEMS-based and FOG-based sensors that offer a level of stand-alone performance in the absence of GPS references for position and navigation systems.
Hardened products that extend into harsh tactical operational environments and are resistant to cyber attacks.
Smarter use of the entire PNT ecosystem, including feature-rich GPS reception hardware and intelligent software techniques, reception from multiple constellations, multi-frequency signals, and augmentation systems.

Expertise :

  • Synchronisation, frequency transfer and time scales
    • Micro-wave links
      • Wired links• All type of wired interface integrated in on the shelf products from local point to point to open network: protocol IRIG, NFS87-500, STANAG, NASA, NTP, PTP
    • Time scales• Reference T/F laboratory in house on industrial premises part of the TAF cluster and linked to the BIPM through LNE/SYRTE

Connected Sectors:

  • Positioning and navigation
    • Satellite positioning, GNSS• Algorithm for détection and mitigation against RF attack
    • Inertial navigation• Integrated timing and navigation solution
  • Network synchronisation
    • Telecommunications• PRC and PRTC clock solutions
      Stratum 1 NTP servers
      Grandmaster clock PTP
    • Cyber security• Secured server SSL/SSH, SCP, Autokey, MD5, SHA, IPSec, LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS+, DES and AES encryption
      PCI-DSS conformance
      NERC CIP-07 Standard Cyber Security – Systems Security Management
    • Bank transactions• PCI-DSS conformance

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