Laboratorio europeo di spettroscopia non lineare Category: Research or metrology institute

Activities Time-Frequency:


Expertise :

  • Oscillators
    • RF and microwave oscillators and synthesis
      • THz technologies, THz signal generation
  • Atomic references
    • Optical clocks and subsystems
      • Optical neutral atomic clocks
  • Specific methods of time-frequency metrology
    • High resolution spetroscopy
      • Atomic spectroscopy
      • Molecular spectroscopy
  • Techniques for time-frequency metrology and applications
    • Cooling or trapping techniques
      • Cooling, trapping of atoms
    • Interferometry techniques
      • Atom interferometry techniques
    • Sensors
      • Atomic inertial sensors

Connected Sectors:

  • Fundamental science
    • Fundamental metrology
    • Tests of fundamental physics