Working groups

Working Groups have been created under FIRST-TF umbrella to address specific subjects, to share knowledge and know-how and to identify new domains to explore. Do not hesitate to contact the coordinators for any question on these working groups.

Digital Electronics for T/F

This working group aims to share knowledge around digital electronic systems associated with FIRST-TF and to promote the emergence of collaborative projects which can be funded by FIRST-TF.

Coordinators: Pierre-Yves BOURGEOIS, FEMTO-ST (pierre-yves.bourgeois(at) ; Michel LOURS, SYRTE (michel.lours(at) ; Eric MEYER, UTINAM (eric.meyer(at) ; Fabrice WIOTTE, LPL (fabrice.wiotte(at)

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CPT Clocks

This working group aims to share information on CPT (Coherent Population Trapping) clocks.

Coordinators : Rodolphe BOUDOT, FEMTO-ST (rodolphe.boudot(at), Stéphane GUERANDEL, SYRTE, (stephane.guerandel(at), Gaëlle Lucas-Leclin, LCF (gaelle.lucas-leclin(at)